Railway equipment


In addition to the supply of sleepers and wooden devices, CCB offers a wide range of products, track bolts and fastening systems for wood, concrete or steel sleepers. This includes all types of screws, bolts, track bolts, washers, base plates, rail pads, isolators, clamps, fish-plates and rails. In this range, all grades, drawings, treatments most commonly used are made available as required by users.

CCB brings the greatest care in monitoring the manufacture of these pieces made by manufacturers registered by major European networks, which all have a quality assurance system controlled. Measures, chemical and mechanical tests are carried out strictly according to prescribed standards, and throughout production process. A final check is done on our storage site in Brussels - samples are tested in the laboratory of SNCB in Brussels - before being stored to ensure precise monitoring of the quality of our products.

Our logistics hub in Brussels may distribute under 48 hours, a very wide range of products across Europe. Forty standard items are stored by reference and regularly supplied to meet all urgent requirements. These items can be either ordered in larger quantities.

In addition, CCB offers the opportunity for customers to consider a specific type of setting appropriate to their needs depending on the type of installation, soil, traffic and tonnage on track.